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Sunday Drive Gunlock

Posted: 2021-12-13

An image depicting a drive to Gunlock near Stephen Wade Auto Center

Gunlock Drive, after it leaves Old Highway 91 west of Santa Clara, winds along the Santa Clara River, up to Gunlock Reservoir and eventually deposits you in Veyo. It’s a drive on a road filled with curves and a perfect place to test out the handling of your vehicle. And while it may be tempting to take those curves at speeds above and beyond the posted speed limit, we encourage you to obey all traffic laws while out on your Sunday Drives.

Gunlock Reservoir is a spectacular place to enjoy paddle boarding, kayaking, fishing, or wakeboarding. There are also camping spots available, and in the spring, the runoff from the reservoir, if it’s high enough, creates a spectacular waterfall on the south side of the lake.

To learn more about the reservoir go to

The town of Gunlock itself is a spectacularly beautiful example of the typical small town in Utah. It sits just north of the reservoir and the highlight of the year in Gunlock is always the Gunlock Rodeo – held each year on the 4th of July weekend. To learn more about the rodeo visit

After you leave the town of Gunlock, you’ll wind your way up to the top of a mesa where you’ll eventually find yourself in another beautiful small Utah town, Veyo.

While you're there, do yourself a favor and stop and grab a bite to eat and a pie at Veyo Pies. You won’t regret the decision. The pies in Veyo are some of the best in the state. Hands down. To find out more about Veyo Pies got to

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