Sunday Drive - Snow Canyon State Park

For this week’s Sunday drive, we suggest taking a familiar but breathtaking drive through Snow Canyon State Park. Snow Canyon State Park is known for its red sandstone cliffs, lava flows, and unique geological formations. The park offers a variety of scenic vistas, including panoramic views, narrow canyons, and towering sandstone walls.

Sunday Drive - Veyo Pool

For this week's Sunday drive we suggest a drive out to Veyo Pool Resort. Veyo Pool offers a peaceful retreat that features a natural hot spring pool, campground, picnic areas, and rock climbing.

Summer Auto Service Near Me

We've got ten tips to help get you ready for the summer driving season!

Sunday Drive - Gold Butte National Monument in Spring

Spring is the perfect time to take a Sunday Drive to Gold Butte National Monument near Mesquite!

How to Choose the Best New Car For You

Here at Stephen Wade Auto Center, we have 13 brands all in one location for you to choose from. But with thirteen brands, the options can seem intimidating. So, how do you choose which new car works best for you? There are four main factors you should take into consideration when deciding on a new vehicle: Lifestyle, Budget, Feel, and Value. vs and Other Online Purchasing Options

Ultimately, the key to a successful online car-buying experience is doing homework and taking time. If you have any questions, always feel free to call us. Because whether you are buying online or in person—you've got it made at Stephen Wade.

Sunday Drive - Gunlock Falls

The falls at Gunlock State Park are flowing again, a rare sight you don’t want to miss. Gunlock Falls is a beautiful natural attraction located near the town of Gunlock. This stunning waterfall is a popular destination for locals and visitors alike and is known for its crystal-clear waters and stunning surroundings. The cascading falls are created when the reservoir reaches capacity and creates a stunning natural waterfall.

Sunday Drive - Capitol Reef National Park

Spring is an amazing time of year for a visit to Capitol Reef National Park, one of Utah’s hidden gems, located in the heart of the state. The park is less crowded, and the wildflowers and trees are in full bloom, making it a picturesque sight.

Tips For Getting Great Photos and Selling Your Used Car

If you're planning on selling your car through a private party sale, creating an eye-catching ad that highlights the best features of your vehicle is essential. And one of the most important aspects of a successful car ad is the photographs.

Sunday Drive - Valley Of Fire State Park

Our Sunday Drive this week features Valley of Fire State Park located just about an hour south of us not far off Interstate 15. This Nevada state park is known for its stunning rock formations, unique landscapes, and ancient petroglyphs, and the early spring is a perfect time to explore this amazing place.

Ride & Drive Event on March 11th

We now have new car inventory available at every single one of the Stephen Wade family of dealerships, so we’re hosting our first Ride & Drive event where we’ll be shining the spotlight on these new cars and encouraging car shoppers to come to take them for a test drive.

Sunday Drive - Zion in Winter

Living in southern Utah, we are blessed to have some amazing scenery right here in our backyards. However, many of us avoid visiting some of the most spectacular places, like Zion National Park, because they're just so crowded with tourists. Especially during the summer months. But winter offers an amazing opportunity, for those of us who live here, to experience the natural beauty that surrounds us.

Used Car Prices Are Falling. Is Now A Good Time To Buy?

Used car prices are falling and new car inventory is increasing so is now a good time to buy a vehicle?

Find the Perfect Used Truck for Your Needs with Our Expert Help

Are you in the market for a used truck but feeling overwhelmed by all the options available? Look no further! With the help of Stephen Wade Auto Center, you will be able to find the perfect used truck that fits your needs and budget.

Sunday Drive - Gold Butte National Monument

Gold Butte National Monument is one of the newest National Monuments in the United States and it's right in our backyard. A drive through Gold Butte provides spectacular views and lots of things to do and see. For that reason, we're featuring it as our Sunday Drive of the week.

Sunday Drive - St. Thomas Ghost Town

As a result of the drought that’s currently gripping the southwestern United States the ghost town of St. Thomas has remerged from beneath the waters of Lake Mead. The cooler months of the year offer the best times to visit this amazing piece of history and for that reason, we’re featuring it as our Sunday Drive this week.

How to get the most money out of selling your used car

If you have a used car to sell and want to get the most you can out of the sale, there are a few things you can do to ensure you get top dollar for your vehicle.

Used Trucks Near Me In St. George, Utah

Buying a Truck has Never Been Easier It's the time of year again when the weather forgets how to be warm, and the mountains cover themselves in snow. You are starting to realize that it might just be time to upgrade to a truck. Yet no matter how you try, you cannot stop thinking about the what-ifs.

Sunday Drive - Pipe Springs National Monument

Pipe Springs National Monument is a beautiful and historic place located in the Arizona desert. It is a perfect destination for a day trip or a weekend getaway, and it offers a variety of activities and attractions that will keep you entertained and engaged throughout your visit.

Searching for "Used Cars Near Me?"

Buying a newer used vehicle could be saving you so much money, but how can you get rid of your current vehicle?

Help the Stephen Wade Auto Center work to help homeless and at-risk youth in Southern Utah

Stephen Wade Auto Center is supporting four organizations that work to help homeless and at-risk youth in Southern Utah through the holiday season. The dealership has set a goal to donate a total of $50,000 to Switchpoint, Youth Futures, the Washington County School District, and the Washington County Children’s Justice Center.

Sunday Drive - Cathedral Gorge State Park

Cathedral Gorge State Park is a beautiful and unique natural area located in the east-central part of Nevada. The history of the park dates back to 1924 when Nevada Governor James Scrugham set the area aside for preservation.

Sunday Drive - Santa Clara River Reserve

Our Sunday Drive this week features the Santa Clara River Reserve. Located along the Santa Clara River and the surrounding mesas south of Ivins and west of Santa Clara, the reserve is well worth the drive.

First Ever Auto Tech Competition At Stephen Wade!

On Saturday, Dec. 3, 2022 students from across Washington County gathered at Stephen Wade Toyota in St. George to determine who's auto tech students would take home a trophy declaring their school has the top auto tech program in the area.

Why Buy a Used Car in St. George

So, it’s time to start looking for your next vehicle purchase. Perhaps you have been out of the car-buying market for several years, or maybe you are on the lookout for a second vehicle. Either way you’ve probably realized that in the current economy, finding a new vehicle is proving to be more difficult than you originally anticipated.

Wish Trees holiday drive returns

With the holidays just around the corner, Stephen Wade Auto Center has partnered with Switchpoint, Youth Futures, the Washington County School District and the Washington County Children’s Justice Center to collect essential items for at-risk kids.

Sunday Drive - Snowy Pine Valley

Occasionally, you might get an urge to go see the white stuff and enjoy the scenery and the cold. Luckily, there's a fairly short drive one can take to enjoy a little winter-wonderland-type scenery – a drive to Pine Valley – and it's our Sunday Drive for this week.

5 tips to make purchasing a used car in St. George, UT easy.

No matter which option you choose for buying a used car in St. George, there are a few ways you can make sure you get the car you want without getting swindled.

Stephen Wade, Goldenwest Credit Union and Canyon Media present Kick4Cash checks to local schools

Stephen Wade Auto Center, Goldenwest Credit Union and Canyon Media recently awarded checks to Washington County high schools for participating in their eighth annual Kick4Cash events.

It's Black Friday Everyday in November at Stephen Wade!

We think you should be able to spend Thanksgiving Day and the weekend following it relaxing with your family, watching football and John Wayne movies. That’s why we’re making every day in November “Black Friday” at each of the seven Stephen Wade dealerships.

Working to Build Stronger Schools, Families and Communities in Southern Utah

The Stephen Wade Auto Center always is working to build stronger schools, families and communities. They’ve been giving back to Southern Utah for the past 28 years and don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.

Water Bottles for the Lions Club and the Dixie Roundup Rodeo

Every year in September the Dixie Roundup Rodeo takes place in the historic SunBowl in downtown St. George, Utah. The rodeo is in it’s 88th year of existence and is the biggest fundraiser of the year for the St. George Lions Club and the Stephen Wade Auto Center is proud to help raise funds for this worthy organization every year.

School Supply Drive a Success

Students in Washington County have headed back to class for the 2022-23 school year. For many of those students, finding the extra funds to pay for school supplies can be a challenge. In order to help our community out with that challenge, Stephen Wade hosted a school supply drive this month and donated a truckload of supplies to the Washington County School District Foundation.

Stephen Wade Auto Center hosts back-to-school supply drive for Washington County students

Stephen Wade Auto Center knows that kids are the future. When times are tough, the community is responsible to help make sure every student is set up for success, public relations director Jamie Bahlmann said. Now through Aug. 20, bring school supplies to any of the seven Stephen Wade dealerships in St. George.

The History of the Stephen Wade Red Tag Sale

Since 2015 car shoppers have been getting incredible deals during the July Red Tag Sale

Sunday Drive - Mesquite's Aviation Arrow

Our Sunday Drive this week features another aviation beacon. We’ve mentioned all the arrows in Washington County before but there’s another beacon close by, just a few miles over the border in Nevada. Back in the 1920s, in order to help airmail pilots navigate across the county, a series of beacons were built by the Postal Service stretching from San Fransisco and Los Angeles to New York. Four of the concrete arrows that helped pilots navigate from LA to Salt Lake City are still in existence here in southern Utah and a fifth, our featured drive this week, is just a few miles outside of the state, atop Mormon Mesa west of Mesquite.

Sunday Drive - Pine Valley

As we head into summer in St. George, we all know those hot, triple-digit days are on their way. So we thought for this week’s Sunday Drive we’d suggest driving up to Pine Valley to enjoy one of the best hikes for escaping the heat in southern Utah - Forsyth Canyon.

Re-opening of Exhibit at St. George Children's Museum


Congrats to Mercedes-Benz of St. George!

Mercedes-Benz of St. George is proud to announce it has received recognition for performance – the Best of the Best – Silver Laurel Award for 2021.

We've got a car for every budget at Southern Utah's Auto Mall

If you’re in the market for a vehicle, there’s no better place to find an extensive selection of quality cars, trucks and more at competitive prices than Stephen Wade Auto Center, Southern Utah’s one-stop auto mall.

Sunday Drive - Children's Forest at the Kiln

This week’s Sunday Drive features a trek to a fantastic place for a short hike with the kids, the Children’s Forest at the Kiln.

Sunday Drive - Babylon Ghost Town

This week our Sunday Drive features the ghost town of Babylon located on the shores of the Virgin River inside the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve.

New Gold Star Families Memorial Monument in St. George

On Saturday, March 26th a dedication ceremony was held for a new black granite monument to honor the Gold Star Families of Southern Utah at Town Square Park in St. George.

Sunday Drive - Northern Corridor

Again this week, with gas prices as high as they have been, we thought we’d keep our recommendation for a Sunday Drive a little closer to home. For that reason, we’re suggesting a short drive on Washington Parkway - what there currently is of the Northern Corridor.

Sunday Drive - Toquerville Falls

Our Sunday Drive this week features an off-road adventure to one of the most scenic spots for a swim in Southern Utah. The trip to Toquerville Falls is a rough and rocky trek of about 11 miles but the scenery is worth the journey. And when the heat of summer arrives, there are few better places to take a swim than Toquerville Falls.

Stephen Wade, Goldenwest, Canyon Media Team Up to Donate a Total of $3,500 to Washington County Schools Through "Shoot4Cash" Events

Stephen Wade Auto Center, Goldenwest Credit Union and Canyon Media recently awarded checks to local Washington County high schools for participating in their annual Shoot4Cash events.

Sunday Drive - Quail Creek State Park

With gas prices soaring we thought we’d offer a shorter Sunday Drive this week and suggest a drive out to Quail Creek State Park.

Sunday Drive - Tri-State Monument

This week’s Sunday Drive features a journey remarkable not for its scenic beauty but for the fact that the destination, the Tri-State Monument, is the spot where three lines – the borders of Utah, Arizona, and Nevada – meet on the map.

We Love Where We Live

Stephen Wade Employees help with massive clean-up effort along I-15

Sunday Drive - Cedar Breaks

Our Sunday Drive this week features some of the most spectacular scenery in southern Utah, Cedar Breaks National Monument. In winter, the white snow, the green pines, and the red sandstone formations combine to create a breathtaking view.

Snow Canyon High School vs. Dixie High School

4A State Basketball Champioship tonight at Burns Arena at DSU

Sunday Drive - Gregory Natural Bridge

Our Sunday Drive this week features Gregory Natural Bridge on Lake Powell. It is a spot that will require driving not just your car but a boat as well.

Sunday Drive Little Black Mountain

Throughout southern Utah there are numerous places where rock art carved by Native Americans thousands of years ago can be found.

Sunday Drive Beaver Dam Wash

Over the past few weeks here in southern Utah, much needed moisture has been falling. Here in St. George and in the lower elevations it’s come in the form of rain but as you drive north into higher elevations, the rain quickly turns to snow.

Sunday Drive Silver Reef

This week our Sunday Drive features a trip to the ghost town of Silver Reef.

Sunday Drive Beacon37c

This week’s Sunday Drive features the airmail arrow that formed the base of Beacon 37C, located above Quail Creek Reservoir and behind the industrial area north of I-15’s Exit 18.

Helping at Risk Youth in St. George and Washington County

This Holiday Season the Stephen Wade Auto Center is planing to donate a total of $50,000 to three local charities engaged in work to help the homeless in Washington County – Youth Futures.

Sunday Drive Gunlock

This week our Sunday Drive features a trip on Gunlock Drive to Gunlock Reservoir and back to St. George.

Sunday Drive - Old Irontown

This week our Sunday Drive features Old Irontown, Utah’s first ghost town.

How to Disinfect Your Car

Find out how to stay sanitary as best as possible.

NissanConnect: SiriusXM

Find out how great the SiriusXM is!

The New 2021 Nissan Rogue

Find out what comes in the new Nissan Rogue

The 2021 Nissan Sentra S Vs. The 2021 Honda Civic LX Vs. The 2021 Toyota Corolla L

Find out the right fit for you, Nissan Sentra or Honda Civic?

Things to do in St.George

Find out where to explore if you're new in St. George

Nissan Battery Replacement in St. George, UT

A vehicle owner should understand that a good battery is essential for their Nissan. The battery serves a very important purpose. A vehicle’s battery is essential for getting a vehicle started. A car battery isn’t only important when it comes to ignition. It’s also important to...

Sell Us Your Car

Here at Stephen Wade Auto Center, we don’t just sell cars, trucks, and SUV’s —we buy cars too! In fact, we want to buy your vehicle: any make, any model, any condition. The best part? No...