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Used Trucks Near Me In St. George, Utah

Posted: 2023-01-10
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Buying a Truck has Never Been Easier

It's the time of year again when the weather forgets how to be warm, and the mountains cover themselves in snow. It rains every night, and you worry about driving to work every morning. You're stressed out, and that worry is mounting up. You are starting to realize that it might just be time to upgrade to a truck. Yet no matter how you try, you cannot stop thinking about the what ifs.

What if you have negative equity in your car?

What if the dent in the passenger door is worse than you think it is, and your vehicle isn't worth what you owe?

What if you have negative equity?

What if there is an accident on the Carfax that you never knew about?

And on top of all of this worry, you need help figuring out where to buy a truck. Will you have to go to Las Vegas? Is there anywhere in St. George that you can trust? Yes, there is a trustworthy place to buy a truck here in St. George.

Even if you aren't worried about your daily commute, loan value, or car's condition, Stephen Wade Auto Center is still the best destination for all your vehicle needs. Here, at Stephen Wade, not only do we have 13 different brands in one location, but we also offer one of the largest inventories of used trucks in all of Southern Utah. So, as you begin to wonder, "Where do I buy a used truck near me?" You can be confident the answer is Stephen Wade Auto Center, right here in Washington County, Utah.

Hey, we all know trucks are almost a necessity anywhere you go in the Southern Utah, Northern Arizona, and Eastern Nevada areas. So, whether you've packed the bed of your used Ford F150 full of sky diving equipment and are headed out to the airport in Mesquite, Nevada, or you're driving your used GMC Sierra down to the shady, quiet new swimming hole you found on the Virgin River, Auto Mall Drive is where to go. A truck might get you where you need to go, but Stephen Wade will get you to the truck. Right here at one of our seven dealerships, all in one convenient location, you can find cheap used trucks near you.

Head on over to the Stephen Wade Truck Center to work with our professional team of truck lovers and see an incredible lineup of new and certified pre-owned trucks ready to drive home today. Not sure you can afford the payment? Stephen Wade works with over 40 lenders to offer hundreds of auto loan options that will work with almost any financial situation. When you come to any of our locations, our highly trained finance managers take the time to personally look over your financing options and hand pick the loan that best suits your unique needs and expectations.

But what if you prefer the high country to the desert? If you're daydreaming about heading up to see the stars on top of Cedar Breaks in a brand-new Ram 1500 Laramie or planning to drive your 3500 Big Horn over to Brian Head for the weekend, we have the 4wd for you. You can visit our Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram store here in St. George. There's no dealership in all of Southern Utah with more options available, and on the way, than Stephen Wade Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram. Forget shopping in Cedar City for your next used truck. We can set up a time for you to come in for a few test drives and have those options pulled up and ready for you when you get here.

Your birthday may be around the corner, and you cannot wait to sneak away for the long-awaited weekend getaway in Las Vegas. Your family knows you've been planning on upgrading to the recently released 2022 Tundra Hybrid Capstone sitting in the showroom of Stephen Wade Toyota. It has black paint. It has a two-tone leather interior. It is precisely what you want for your slow drive down the Las Vegas Strip to the party of your life. Stephen Wade Toyota has trucks on the ground and in stock! This means you don't have to worry; your travel plans are safe with us. Bring your old dented car to the Toyota building for a thirty-minute complimentary trade-in evaluation. You can drive away and down the I-15 in your new Toyota truck in just a few hours.

Still, trying to find a reason to stop by? How about this? You are on your way out to the door to head up for the big family dinner in Salt Lake City, and the weather report could be looking better. There's a winter storm warning. The stress of the freeway ought to have you calling your mom to tell her you won't be able to make it. Except you already had a chance to head over to Stephen Wade Nissan to buy a pre-owned 2019 Titan Pro-4X. Now you can cruise past those struggling sport "utility" vehicles, sedans, and minivans without a single worry. Your family will arrive on time, and you will get your mom's famous chicken noodle soup after all. You know you made the right decision by buying a truck near you, and it's paying off sooner than you expected.

You may be a fan of the attention-grabbing Ridgeline and are eager to purchase one before the end of the month. We can help. Perhaps you are truly just hoping to find a cheaper, smaller truck. We can help! Buying a cheap truck near you is relatively easy with Stephen Wade. With Stephen Wade HondaMazda's friendly staff and inviting atmosphere—along with their excellent line of vehicles—you can drive away with a truck today. Even better, you can start your buying journey before you leave your house! Every vehicle description page has easy to use payment and trade estimator software for your convenience.

Mercedes Benz of St. George also offers an impressive assortment of vehicle options. Located on the corner of Black Ridge Drive and Auto Mall Drive, the Mercedes Benz store is a top-of-the-line luxury experience with freshly brewed coffee waiting just for you. While you wander around their showroom, remember to grab a donut and maybe peruse their parts department for some amazing swag.

The possibilities are endless when you shop locally, and we are here to help. We are dedicated to offering a stress and hassle-free environment where you can buy smart and save big. Our time-saving online pricing offers you the best deal at the click of a button, and our family-friendly waiting rooms will help you browse in comfort. So, no matter if you are driving across the Arizona strip, cruising the nightlife in Las Vegas, Nevada, or taking advantage of the incomparable scenery of Utah, Stephen Wade Auto Center has a vehicle ready and suitable for you.

We know and understand that a truck is as unique as its driver, and with such a large inventory, there are many types of trucks to choose from. Our highly trained team of professional sales associates is made up of avid truck enthusiasts who have a strong understanding of the differences between Ford, Chevy, Ram, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, and more. We know our trucks. Whether we sell them new, certified pre-owned, or used, we have the confidence to offer you our decades of experience and top-notch customer service during your truck shopping journey. The truth is you just can't go wrong on Auto Mall Drive. Remember, you've got it made at Stephen Wade.

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