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First Ever Auto Tech Competition At Stephen Wade!

Posted: 2022-12-07
First Ever Auto Tech Competition At Stephen Wade!

On Saturday, Dec. 3, 2022 students from across Washington County gathered at Stephen Wade Toyota in St. George to determine whose auto tech students would take home a trophy declaring their school has the top auto tech program in the area.

The students, paired together in teams of two, were tasked with completing an oil change, a tire rotation, and a 100-point inspection. The challenges were timed with time added for mistakes of reduced when items needing repair were discovered during the inspection.

The winners of this competition would not just take home bragging rights. They would also get the opportunity to spend $500 each on tools and there was a Snap-On Tools truck out in the parking lot waiting for them. They would also get an additional $500 worth of tools donated to their school's auto tech program.

"At the Stephen Wade Auto Center family of dealerships, we rely on the local high school auto tech programs and the auto tech program at Dixie Tech to provide us with well-trained and hard-working technicians for our service departments. We can't continue to provide award-winning service in our dealerships if we don't have the local talent who can fix the cars that come into our shop," said Gloria Bertram, the Human Resources Director at the Stephen Wade Auto Center. "So we thought we would take the opportunity to recognize those programs, especially the high school programs, and give back to them since they give us so much."

After a few hours of competition, the team from Desert Hill High School came away with the trophy.

"We're super proud of them, they did an awesome job," Bertram said.

The competition was such a resounding success there are plans in the works to hold another competition come April and to make the event a yearly occurrence each April.

To see a photo gallery of the competition, click here:

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