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Stephen Wade Auto Tech Competition

Stephen Wade Auto Center is proud to sponsor our inaugural Stephen Wade Auto Tech Competition, starting December 3rd and ending on December 10th 2023!

This competition will test students enrolled in auto tech programs throughout Washington County high schools. Students will compete as teams of two and will have the opportunity to personally win $500 worth of tools. They will also have the chance to win an additional $500 worth of tools for their respective high school’s auto shop program.

In auto dealerships across the United States, there are four levels of technicians that perform repairs and maintenance in the their respective service departments: lube technicians, apprentice technicians, certified technicians and master technicians. This competition will test auto shop students’ ability to meet the qualifications of the first level, the lube technician.

Array of auto mechanic tools

Each team of two will be judged on safety, cleanliness, timeliness and accuracy. They’ll be asked to perform routine maintenance such as oil replacement, filter replacement, and multi-point inspections. They will also be asked to perform basic diagnosis.

Master technicians from Stephen Wade Auto Center dealerships will judge the students’ abilities. After the first weekend, finalists will be selected to compete in the second round of competition.

The Stephen Wade Auto Technician Competition is open to all Washington County school district high school students. Each team of two must be currently enrolled in their high school and at least one must have either completed or be currently enrolled in their school’s auto tech program. At least one team member must be a high school senior. The deadline to register is November 26th.

The next competition is pending announcement, check back early next year for information on how to register.